King Digital for Consumers

How does King Digital work for consumers?

King Digital is committed to providing quick and helpful technical support over the internet, or in person. With two available support channels, we strive to help you no matter what your situation is.

With an expert-grade knowledge base on networking & wi-fi, antivirus, Mac & Windows based computers, printing, and more, we hope to be your number one place for all your technical needs.

View more about our offered services below.

What we can do for you!

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cellphone 2022-02-14 18_32_34.png

Computer & Mobile Phone Support

printer 2022-02-14 18_24_44.png

Printing Consultation & Setup

wifi 2022-02-14 18_08_45.png
lan 2022-02-14 18_10_14.png

Wi-Fi & Home Networking Support

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Storage Solutions & Support

phone-classic 2022-02-14 18_31_40.png

Cloud Home Phone Setup & Management

security 2022-02-14 18_35_29.png

Security Solutions (antivirus + firewall) Setup & Management